often used in ireland dublin area, to cheer on and to embarass, mostly elongated to "gooooooowawn" often proceeds "spin it!" (which is shouted at random to get large groups shouting gooowawn)
(glenn falls and looks stupid)
large group of friends say "goooooowawn!!!" in sequence

random time of day
daragh says "spin it"
large group says loudly "go on!!!!"
by justpoopaul October 18, 2008
Cheap wine, purchased in a cask.
Got pissed on goon, used the goon bag for a pillow afterwards.
by Sonic Blip February 13, 2005
a person who can be used for personal benefit
Kathy: I need help with my math WebWorK... Better call one of my goons!"
by porkchops102 February 13, 2014
Noun. A man or woman who lives under the slide at your local park. They typically eat squirrel meat and trash. They enjoy snorting coke, smoking crack, and occasionally drop acid.
Mom: "You stay away from that crazy goon at the park, honey"
Kid: "OK Mom, but why?"
Mom: "Because that goon stabbed three kids last year."
by Shmuzzle 1 November 18, 2013
Australian slang that refers to cheap wine that typically comes in large sealed packets in boxes, of which is referred to as a "goon sack". Usually always tastes like shit, and is normally intended to get people as drunk as possible on the smallest budget possible.

Whilst it's supposed to be dispensed into glasses or cups, many people simply tear it out of the box and scull it straight from the sack.
Oi mate pass me the fuckin' goon sack ya cunt
by An Ambient Grey November 16, 2013
One that stumbles around with shitkickers on, yelling out profanity at innocent people, smoking lots of pot, have crazy amounts of unprotected sex and railing lines upon lines of the finest cocaine while crushing racks on racks on racks of Natty and Jack Daniels. Ussualy wears black/raiders gear. Phil Taylor is their hero.
Phil Taylor, Trent Richardson, Tripp Whatley, Goons
by Shitkickers October 29, 2011
a person who has had a great life, lots of friends, and is always having fun.
a goon is a cheerful person.
by youowemeacherrycoke October 14, 2011

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