a) A group of men who terrorize Great Neck North with a swag that no Gremlin or Goblin can match.
a) The groups of goons, goblins and gremlins went out, while Ben Sed was stuck at home watching Sammy and Raphi.

b) The goons were challenged by the group of goblins led by Jacob Tal, but were obviously no match
by GoonzToGoblinz January 02, 2011
often used in ireland dublin area, to cheer on and to embarass, mostly elongated to "gooooooowawn" often proceeds "spin it!" (which is shouted at random to get large groups shouting gooowawn)
(glenn falls and looks stupid)
large group of friends say "goooooowawn!!!" in sequence

random time of day
daragh says "spin it"
large group says loudly "go on!!!!"
by justpoopaul October 18, 2008
Members of Something Awful, unfunny.
Goons love to make fun of suffering, as long as it's not their own. When it is, they expect "goondolences". Pathetic.
by Lig Na Baste June 12, 2008
Cheap wine, purchased in a cask.
Got pissed on goon, used the goon bag for a pillow afterwards.
by Sonic Blip February 13, 2005
Hired thug, also could used to describe a person who does stupid things/says stupid things that are funny.
Watch out for Jokers goons
by Snowboardguy15 June 21, 2015
a person who can be used for personal benefit
Kathy: I need help with my math WebWorK... Better call one of my goons!"
by porkchops102 February 13, 2014
a creepy, lanky, awkward, or eccentric mother fucker.
Stanifer is such a fucking goon! look at his lanky creep ass in the corner
by Leslie Noble Devotie January 04, 2014
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