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1) A generally low ranking member of a gang or syndicate. Typically the recipients of street-level work. These are generally the most disposable members of a organization, built to take the fall in order to protect the higher ups in the case of illegal activities gone awry that have attracted police attention.

2) One who participates in vandalism, loitering, public displays of ignorance, outward obnoxiousness, and other non-socially acceptable practices justified by a directionless but nonetheless strong pack mentality and conformity with other similarly outlandish behaving individuals.

3) An Individual of sub-standard wit or mental competency. commonly identified by a less than reputable character, bad personality, and/or poor taste in personal style.
1. The building was set a flame by some of the 2Trill Gang's goons.

2. "those damn goons keep taking shits on my lawn and ruining my grass!"

3. "Nah don't invite Keenan, he's a straight up goon"
by A Man Amongst Sheep April 24, 2012
6 2
the greatest drink ever
mainly drank by unemployed teenagers
4 litres of goon for $10
by joondalup December 24, 2009
16 12
Unskilled, socially outcast worker employed to collect TV licence revenue on behalf of the BBC, who then use it to fund overpaid executives and sexually-deviant talent. Paid the minimum wage and relies heavily on commission earned selling TV licences. Likes to pretend they are an "officer" on official Government business, but TV Licensing goons are actually privately employed by a company called Capita. TV Licensing goons are undesirable visitors, having no more visiting rights than a pikey selling low-cost electrical goods.
I told that TV Licensing goon to fuck right off, because I don't watch any TV programmes.
My mate Kev is such a thick cunt he'd struggle even to get a job as a TV Licensing goon.
by Goonhilde's Gynaecologist July 31, 2013
7 4
A person who is very funny by making excessive amounts of jokes, acts like an idiot at times. Interesting person to be around. He's chill but get ready to have a good time, always looking for one.
Tim: Yo Roger did you hear what Clyde did yesterday?
Roger: No what?
Tim: He got completely wasted and ran around town naked again.
Roger: Lol, what a goon.
by JoeyPetes February 09, 2013
6 4
Cheap cask wine, often consumed by teens at parties with the soul purpose of getting very drunk, very fast. The Goon is removed from the cask and transported in the internal "Goon Sack".
I was just drinking some goon. Tasted awful, but got me off my tits.
by pelaco December 14, 2009
8 6
Cask wine. Cheap shit that tastes like shit but fucks you up. comes in red and white, many varieties and textures.
"I was on the goon last night" or "im a goon warrior hear me roar"
by Trozza March 23, 2006
63 61
cheep wine or 'bubbly goon' means cheep champagne. 'goon bag' is a cask wine. The colour (white/red) is irelevant, but must be cheep.
I got pissed on goon last night.
by mike October 27, 2001
65 63