Slang; Reffering to the Police.
"Don't stop da car, da goons are behind us!!! FLOOR IT!!!"
by BIG AL/HABIT November 04, 2005
A person without any athletic skill or coordination whatsoever. Who is way bigger than you and uses this advantage to beat you in sports/life anyway.
Alex: Ryan is such a goon.
Grason: Yeah, he has no skill but his massive size makes him own us in every game.
Alex: Yeah, let's go remind he that he is a goon.
by Grason B. February 19, 2006
A 1337 insult, esp when used in the context of a clan member recruted by you.
OMG u r such a goon
by Unagi April 06, 2004
A shorthand name for "crab rangoons," a delicious, deep fried chinese appetizer.
I'm going to have to drop a major deuce after all of those goons I ate at lunch.
by Jeff_A May 01, 2008
Your nuts, balls, the things that make sex enjoyable, without your goons your cock would be useless!!!
I tried to do a double on my KX 250 but landed short and clanked my goones on my fuel tank, now i walk like a barby doll.
by Mikey84 May 18, 2005
a plural form of the word goon,on starcraft a goon is the abreviated form of the word dragoon.So goons mean dragoons.
"man i hate using goons"
"the goons are coming"
by anomynous July 04, 2004
The cheapest box wine in a store that gets you absolutely fucked up and not remembering the night
Pass the goon mate
by Doctor-Who October 16, 2015

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