a roughneck,A thug like plies.an aggressive and violent young criminal,dope boy,and gangster
a goon to the streets,but to my mama im still a baby
by his_bust_it_baby October 24, 2007
the name of a skateboard move. it can be achieved by going into a manual, and then grabbing the nose of the board while manualing. You can perform a nose goon while nosemanualing, then you grab the tail of the board. holding a goon while moving is very risky.
He is the man because he pulled a goon all the way down my street!
by liana May 11, 2005
A stupid/annoying/clumsy person.
You stupid goon! *sigh*
by Quiet Robert February 27, 2005
an asshole who chills at a cornerstore and dont buy shit
Look at that motherfuckin goon over there. He aint doin shit.
by Jamal July 28, 2004
A tall, usually white, person who lacks dexterity, may have big feet, and tends to unintensionally perform clumsy actions.
Man, did you see that goon brick his free throw?
by agentcodyfranks January 26, 2004
someone stupid, a retard for example
chip is a goon
by botaf October 18, 2003
A hockey player who's job is to hurt people. Also, some goons protect the best player on a team from the goons on other teams.
Wayne Gretzky never skated without his goon, Marty McSorley.
by AldoPignotti November 13, 2006

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