An ugly and retarded person as told in a cruel way. As explained by Billy Brown in Buffalo '66 to his friend.
(Excerpt from Buffalo '66)
(Talking to friend on the phone that insists people call him Rocky instead of Goon)
Billy Brown: You know why they call you Goon? Because you're retarded. And you're ugly. You're an ugly retard. And they call you Goon because you're ugly and retarded. And you'll always be Goon... Goon, Goon, Goon. And that's what I'm gonna call you for the rest of your life, is Goon. Goon, Goon, Goon, Goon, okay? So fuck you.
by Daniel M. M. June 14, 2006
Drug abusers and griefers. Hypocrites and madmen. Psychopaths and sarcastic bastards. Good people, basically.

Possible attatchment to website, but direct connections or contact information are a guarded secret.
"That goon griefed the Hamidon raid!", "Dude, that goon totally ripped on your twelve color costume!", "Oh, those goons!"
by Jon Boice March 29, 2005
Every man in Newquay who owns a Sailors loyalty card. You know who you are!
Oh look, there's that goon trying to pull the 15 year old wearing white lycra.
by Beast From The East May 18, 2004
a roughneck,A thug like aggressive and violent young criminal,dope boy,and gangster
a goon to the streets,but to my mama im still a baby
by his_bust_it_baby October 24, 2007
the name of a skateboard move. it can be achieved by going into a manual, and then grabbing the nose of the board while manualing. You can perform a nose goon while nosemanualing, then you grab the tail of the board. holding a goon while moving is very risky.
He is the man because he pulled a goon all the way down my street!
by liana May 11, 2005
A stupid/annoying/clumsy person.
You stupid goon! *sigh*
by Quiet Robert February 27, 2005
an asshole who chills at a cornerstore and dont buy shit
Look at that motherfuckin goon over there. He aint doin shit.
by Jamal July 28, 2004

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