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Goon; The meaning of a wanna be convict or a criminal!
Mate, your a fucking goon, JOG ON
by Liam matthews September 08, 2008
2 17
Generally slow witted, goofy or Katy
OMG Katy your are such a GOON
by X_patch_X January 21, 2007
6 21
Dan Braico, plain and simple.

He is the biggest goon on the face of this planet.
Dan is so dumb, he asked me one question...so I answered...no less than two minutes later, he asked the same exact question. Who does that?
by Lateesha October 02, 2004
14 29
Drug abusers and griefers. Hypocrites and madmen. Psychopaths and sarcastic bastards. Good people, basically.

Possible attatchment to website www.somethingawful.com, but direct connections or contact information are a guarded secret.
"That goon griefed the Hamidon raid!", "Dude, that goon totally ripped on your twelve color costume!", "Oh, those goons!"
by Forum Superstar March 29, 2005
17 33
Every man in Newquay who owns a Sailors loyalty card. You know who you are!
Oh look, there's that goon trying to pull the 15 year old wearing white lycra.
by Beast From The East May 18, 2004
6 22
a roughneck,A thug like plies.an aggressive and violent young criminal,dope boy,and gangster
a goon to the streets,but to my mama im still a baby
by his_bust_it_baby October 24, 2007
113 130
A person you sell schwag weed to that you otherwise would have nothing to do with because of their overall dirtball qualities.
I can't believe that stinky fucker Dean keeps buying this shit weed. What a goon!
by bang, bang Nick Lange July 22, 2006
12 29