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The act of driving around in a car and simultaneously goating and mooning innocent passerbys. It is a simple combining of the two words.
Oh crap dude, I think we were just gooned by that car.
by PRdepartment April 19, 2009
1 10
intimadating ganster
creeper from G's to Gents is the goon from the show
by barbiegerlsteph July 30, 2008
2 11
1. A clumsy nitwit.
2. A thug.
1. I'm quite tolerant about wimpy people but Robert??!! Jeez! I can't stad that guy! A one-of-a-kind goon! Sorry, but he ain't goin' out with us tonight!
2. Tell your gorillas to get the fuck outta the target, 'cuz my hitman's more efficient than five of these goons!
by W.Z. September 13, 2007
3 12
1. A cool word, replacing the word {pimp}, as in "pimp my style, yo,"

2.A really wierd {creep} that follows you, aka, a {stalker} that ties you up and pushes you off of a {blimp}, like in the movie UP. Where the creep is the old guy that says " Adventure's Out There!!!"
1. dude, your car is looking totally {gooned} out

2. "Hey, leave me alone you {gooney} old goon, you really belong with the {monkeys}!!! LONG LIVE {KING KONG}!!!"
by Ibarkalotcauseiwant2.hehe April 07, 2010
1 11
A real nigga. also referring to Lissah from myspace. They don't take nobodys shit and are chillll.
look at that goon just chilling there,
by AMBER ROSE BiiTCH February 19, 2009
2 12
One that is different from others and has a goonie complex. Dale Johnson. The men in malls who try to starighten your hair. The "badass" kids in 90's movies like Jack Black in The Never Ending Story and many others.
The man playing the accordian and hopping about is a big goon.
by Jenna Johnson May 06, 2007
5 15
A person with poor social skills and a limited abillity to interact with other people.

Someone you would rather not have to spend any length of time with.
Shut up Frosty you goon.
Are the goons coming to the pub tonight?
by tobias July 14, 2004
71 81