the urine of the god (mainly sataans) in a big shiny sac. only drink that is worth the money. 40 standard drinks for ten moneys. 40c a drink? can you say no? coffs goon boys unite.
krypta - get some goon in ya.

pussy - no it tastes bad.
by eprovost September 13, 2007
A member of the gang, "Goon Squad", located in northern Utah. Goons are known for their violence and badass ways. Only way to become a goon is if your from the PV, NO, or OV hood.
If you mess with a goon, your shit will be dropped, no questions asked, end of story.
by Badassmotherfuckaniggatitsjew January 09, 2010
means gangster or possibly thug.
you know, just going go jam with my goons.


whats going on bruv?
nothing allie just jamming with my goons init.


naaaaaa man my goons will BANG YOU.
by Feeeeeeeeee again ;) June 29, 2009
mike monaco
mike monaco is the biggest goon ever
by whocares1234 June 29, 2010
The act of driving around in a car and simultaneously goating and mooning innocent passerbys. It is a simple combining of the two words.
Oh crap dude, I think we were just gooned by that car.
by PRdepartment April 19, 2009
intimadating ganster
creeper from G's to Gents is the goon from the show
by barbiegerlsteph July 30, 2008
1. A clumsy nitwit.
2. A thug.
1. I'm quite tolerant about wimpy people but Robert??!! Jeez! I can't stad that guy! A one-of-a-kind goon! Sorry, but he ain't goin' out with us tonight!
2. Tell your gorillas to get the fuck outta the target, 'cuz my hitman's more efficient than five of these goons!
by W.Z. September 13, 2007
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