A small animal that looks similar to a miniature jolly green giant. it lives in the woods in trees. They are used for game hunting. They only eat sprouts, so if you find a bunch of sprouts on the ground look for a GOON! But be careful cuz their only allies are other goons, spicolis, and GINGERS! Led by Onaga (AKA Patty Dabber)Goons are also used to run plays to NFL quarterbacks during games. AND THEY DONT LIVE IN HOLES!
OMG! Did you see the size of that GOON?!?!?
by pigskin072 January 16, 2008
To pleasure yourself, or someone, into a state of becoming a goon, or goon like. Generally, lighthearted use.
I want to goon all day and night. Let's get into a gooning session.
by jackmanla December 22, 2007
A person who clearly is new to motocross and can't ride to save his life. Usually trys too hard and gets in other rider's way by not letting them pass or don't hold their lines. Usually seen on a 90's model bike and wear horrible looking, weird, unmatching gear and think they are cool. They as well tend to ride in higher classes of skill then they should. Extremely annoying and tend to cause harm to people around them.
Usually the goons are the slowest people at the track with the oldest bikes complaining about the track.
by niggabiotch October 31, 2007
Well a goon is a bad ass person, someone you want to be like. When I think of goon I think of Le Rue aka Cruz <3
"Wow he's a goon !"

"oh you mean like Le Rue "
"yeah like Cruz "
by Christina Goonin July 05, 2012
part of a group of people who just like having fun and getting fucked up, everyday has a new adventure for a goon. part of a crew thats down till thier death day
me and my goonz got 30 ez's last night and rolled face.
by cheff519 September 01, 2009
To ejaculate upon ones face, after a Blowjob, or a Bo Jangle.
Oh man, that Bo Jangle was great, I just gooned all over your face!
by Runean May 05, 2009
-$7.50 worth of wine, in a box, With a taste equivalent to shit.

-Linked with Mass brain cell reduction, taste bud destruction, and fines of up to two hundred and twenty-five dollars in Australia.

-Drank by facktards who are too cheap to spend 15 bucks on a six pack of bundaberg rum -which is liquid gold
Ben: Dude the cops are coming!! RUN!

Brad: MaNN i jUSt draNK a whOLe cask of GOON! i AINT runnInn noWheRe!!

*falls over*

Cops: Mr Mcfarlane, im going to have to issue you a $255.00 fine for underage drinking in public.

Brad: AwwW FUCK!!!!
by Brad McFarlane January 09, 2008

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