A Goon in the singular is an idiot that does idiotic things with no real harmful side effects other than to them selves. Mostly, the outcome of their goonish behaviour is relatively entertaining to the rest of the world.
The plural, Goonie, is totally opposite. You can only be a Goonie if you have 4-5 other Goons with you. To be a Goonie should be everyones goal in life and if ever reached will automatically rocket you to the top of the food chain, the height of coolness and triple your chances of getting laid. There is a warning in the small print however, Goonies never say die, so if you aim to be a Goonie, SAS training is advised.
"He's just tried to boil an electric kettle on the stove and given himself third degree burns. What a Goon."
by Aralitra December 24, 2009
goon is basically a real person, also a goon is somebody you pay money to go beat somebody or scare somebody...Goon originated in Florida!...The rest living in different states are just followers!
You fuck wid me i bet im goin have dem fuckin goonz comin fa yo azz
by Flawda guh September 02, 2008
A tough hired by a company to intimidate union members or strikers; a member of a "goon squad" or private corporately paid guards.

Also any hired thug used for purposes of intimidation.
"You had better stop making trouble or I'll send my goons after you.
by Blue Pilgrim February 07, 2004
somethings that cannot be stopped
Lily goon eating as she is in starvation.
by Tiffani Austin January 03, 2012
Stupid person, goofy, a loser.
"Do you know Ashley?"

"No, that girls such a goon"
by maha1234567 February 25, 2010
A ridiclulous irritating and mind numbingly annoying person, who embarks on acts of sheer stupidity
Dude stop being a goon

Duke: Im gona rob a bank with a banana
Carmen dradel: Stop bein such a frickin goon

Verb: to goon: Im gona goon that party, y'alls gona be gooning tonight?
noun: Thats pure goonage
Adj: Goon
by Miami boysssss May 25, 2009
see Dwight Howard
refer to definition of goon
by bigrobD February 02, 2009

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