to Goon someone is to clown them, or hate on them
alex so gooned sam. that guy is such a goon.
by gooners April 03, 2011
someone who is just an idiot and cute at the same time. A goofball who does silly things and doesn't care what people think about him or her. Is somewhat socially retarded yet extremely funny in the things he or she says/does.
Ben Stiller is a goon and Will Ferrell is a huge goon. Ashton Kutcher is a goon in That 70's Show only. But track star Tyler Anyan is the biggest goon of them all.
by jambajuicelvr21 February 20, 2011
1. hoodlum or thug

2. a stupid, foolish or awkward person

3. a roughneck

4. a mole rat, of the naked species, commonly found popping out of butt holes
Biggest goon!
by nakedmoleratzzzzzzz January 09, 2011
A adjective describing any or all individuals excelling in the art of "Keeping it real" and being a percussionist. Basically kicking ass and taking names, while keeping a distinct "Swag" going.
Sam was wrong by saying Mike is far from 'goon status', what a dum dum!
by SirGoonAlot December 19, 2010
A goon is a person above all the rest. A real, respectful, high powered individual. Goon(s) are like a gang of brothers that always have eachothers back. Don't fuck with Goons.
"Ride or Die Goons"
"Me and my goons"-Plies
by Big Meech Goon November 17, 2010
1) A shiney silver sack, filled with your choice of vodka, wine or tequilla, which at the time causes great happiness, But may come with various side affects such as;

multiple vom sessions

memory loss


inability to study or apply make up

overly affectionate behaviour

Also known as Robots Placenta

Can also be used as a comertose pillow, or blow it up again and have a fun game of goon hackey.
She got on the goon hard last night....
by June 03, 2010
A Goon in the singular is an idiot that does idiotic things with no real harmful side effects other than to them selves. Mostly, the outcome of their goonish behaviour is relatively entertaining to the rest of the world.
The plural, Goonie, is totally opposite. You can only be a Goonie if you have 4-5 other Goons with you. To be a Goonie should be everyones goal in life and if ever reached will automatically rocket you to the top of the food chain, the height of coolness and triple your chances of getting laid. There is a warning in the small print however, Goonies never say die, so if you aim to be a Goonie, SAS training is advised.
"He's just tried to boil an electric kettle on the stove and given himself third degree burns. What a Goon."
by Aralitra December 24, 2009

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