An absolutely horrifying looking person, usually with deformities, and when you pass by one in a crowd people usually turn to get a double take to see if that was real what they just saw!!!! Or one who got udderly smashed by the ugly stick
Zach Schwanke is a complete Goon!!!!
by Perrin Word April 22, 2011
Rap therapist, blog having, good fashion wearing hoodlum. Follows "the rap" and "the hip hop." Seeks guidance from Das Racist and Kanye West
Have you seen Kanye West's dick? It's on
by GetRealPF April 18, 2011
Someone whose got the following prorities:
makin money
chillen wit the homies
and gettin broads
goons will do anything for any of those three causes and dont care about what other people think. goons are always down to smoke a blunt and are always lookin for the next party. a goon is always lookin for ways to come up between stealin shit or flippin weight
50 cent is a goon.
I stole an iphone and used it to steal 300 dollars than i bought an O and turned it into $560, im a mothofuckin goon
by jerryduu April 07, 2011
to Goon someone is to clown them, or hate on them
alex so gooned sam. that guy is such a goon.
by gooners April 03, 2011
someone who is just an idiot and cute at the same time. A goofball who does silly things and doesn't care what people think about him or her. Is somewhat socially retarded yet extremely funny in the things he or she says/does.
Ben Stiller is a goon and Will Ferrell is a huge goon. Ashton Kutcher is a goon in That 70's Show only. But track star Tyler Anyan is the biggest goon of them all.
by jambajuicelvr21 February 20, 2011
1. hoodlum or thug

2. a stupid, foolish or awkward person

3. a roughneck

4. a mole rat, of the naked species, commonly found popping out of butt holes
Biggest goon!
by nakedmoleratzzzzzzz January 09, 2011
A adjective describing any or all individuals excelling in the art of "Keeping it real" and being a percussionist. Basically kicking ass and taking names, while keeping a distinct "Swag" going.
Sam was wrong by saying Mike is far from 'goon status', what a dum dum!
by SirGoonAlot December 19, 2010

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