thug to be hired by a mob boss or higher authority to do sum 'DIRT'
my goon did my work for me
by blazest the mostest February 10, 2008
a tall, generally lanky kid with a pension for odd looks and tendencies. While having some of these traits they still maintain a social life and are fairly popular. They need a 5XL shirt to have a moderately tall tee. You all know what the goon or goons in your school are, as they tend to move in packs. They are perfectly nice people but are very tall and imposing, this is where we get the term "goon".
Chad: Yo dood did you see that kid, fucking double overhead swag right there.


Chad: Odd Future Wolf Gang Don't Give A Fuck!

Austin: fuck no man, fuck no.
by Dood987 October 10, 2011
A person who has a name very close to somebody else's and stays up late at night.
Man, all these goons were adding me on facebook at 2 am because we had the same name.
by theman2525300 August 17, 2011
a super awkward person that fuckin stupid and super weird without realizing it
that girl is such a goon, she just queefs all the time and acts casual
An absolutely horrifying looking person, usually with deformities, and when you pass by one in a crowd people usually turn to get a double take to see if that was real what they just saw!!!! Or one who got udderly smashed by the ugly stick
Zach Schwanke is a complete Goon!!!!
by Perrin Word April 22, 2011
Rap therapist, blog having, good fashion wearing hoodlum. Follows "the rap" and "the hip hop." Seeks guidance from Das Racist and Kanye West
Have you seen Kanye West's dick? It's on
by GetRealPF April 18, 2011
Someone whose got the following prorities:
makin money
chillen wit the homies
and gettin broads
goons will do anything for any of those three causes and dont care about what other people think. goons are always down to smoke a blunt and are always lookin for the next party. a goon is always lookin for ways to come up between stealin shit or flippin weight
50 cent is a goon.
I stole an iphone and used it to steal 300 dollars than i bought an O and turned it into $560, im a mothofuckin goon
by jerryduu April 07, 2011

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