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Someone (typically a male teen) whose primary physical attribute is lankiness. To qualify for goonness, one should be 6 feet 3 inches or over, and should not weigh in excess of 150 pounds.

Goons often have long limbs to accentuate the lankiness.
Bob's skill in basketball is primarily a result of him being a goon.
by Jeff Hunt from HollandNY July 25, 2008
A person who is very funny by making excessive amounts of jokes, acts like an idiot at times. Interesting person to be around. He's chill but get ready to have a good time, always looking for one.
Tim: Yo Roger did you hear what Clyde did yesterday?
Roger: No what?
Tim: He got completely wasted and ran around town naked again.
Roger: Lol, what a goon.
by JoeyPetes February 09, 2013
A terrible hockey player who's sole purpose is to fight and run people into the boards.
Man, he is such a goon
by AWindian May 10, 2012
In soccer, a player who lacks any sense of the game, has little to no skill, and plays simply through brute force and athletic ability alone. "Goons" usually try to play by slide tackling as often as possible.

This player will also lack any "soccer swag" and can usually be spotted from his outfit. A typical goon uniform will consist of Wal-mart brand cleats, overly big shin-guards with ankle protectors and a baggy jersey. Sometimes, but not always, can also be spotted with "sweet spot" lace holders, rec-spec glasses, and basketball head bands.

These players usually have had no training in the sport outside of their high-school or recreational teams. Most "goons" also will deny the fact that they are one repeatedly.
Peter: "Yo man, we just beat FC Burn this weekend 5-0. Team was full of goons"
Frank: "Yeah dude they suck dick, kid's were all over the field slide tackling left and right."
by peterloooose October 30, 2011
1). A group of people being paid, according for what they will do.
2). A hired thugs.
'Let it be prophesized; ni**az'll die because ya crew's goon
Around the way ni**az get murdered by the full moon" -Tupac
by Tuppas October 12, 2011
a) A group of men who terrorize Great Neck North with a swag that no Gremlin or Goblin can match.
a) The groups of goons, goblins and gremlins went out, while Ben Sed was stuck at home watching Sammy and Raphi.

b) The goons were challenged by the group of goblins led by Jacob Tal, but were obviously no match
by GoonzToGoblinz January 02, 2011
the ulitmate in alcoholic beverage. $9= 4 litres. awsome value and quality buy. comes in a sliver sack known for its healing powers, gets u wasted fast and taste like shit. also looks like apple juice so it's easily concealable.
cop says 'hav u got goon?'
u say 'no'
cop says ' wat is it'
u say 'apple juice'
cop says 'okay' (and beleives u LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL)
by fjsnvdskdavnvskanvask,vsa August 23, 2007
Cheap wine, purchased in a cask.
Got pissed on goon, used the goon bag for a pillow afterwards.
by Sonic Blip February 13, 2005