Someone (typically a male teen) whose primary physical attribute is lankiness. To qualify for goonness, one should be 6 feet 3 inches or over, and should not weigh in excess of 150 pounds.

Goons often have long limbs to accentuate the lankiness.
Bob's skill in basketball is primarily a result of him being a goon.
by Jeff Hunt from HollandNY July 25, 2008
A term used to describe a person who studies chemical engineering.
Look at that goon Alex and his air-lift fermentor.
by ce2jrz May 08, 2005
Alexander Pesci .
Why, look who it is! Douglas Wayne Phillips! What a goon. Oh wait, it's not Wayne, it's his goon protege, Alexander Pesci.
by Aaron April 17, 2005
A large man who likes to, or is paid to beat up people for their boss. Also overly aggressive behavior.
Send the Goons after him! Goon it up!
by DPB March 16, 2005
a person who is less than intelligent.
Charlie was so stupid earlier - he's a total goon!
by boho chick March 16, 2005
Alice the Goon, from Goon island, talks in squiggly lines and was originally a hireling of the Sea Hag.
Lanky, bald gal with thick fur round her groin and huge feet.

From the "Popeye" cartoon strips

Sea Hag: "Kill Popeye!"

Alice:"Blubber,Blubber (Noooooo!)"
by Skeletal Munchkin February 12, 2005
some one who makes jokes that are disturbing and most despicable in the highest fashion. They are usually unintelligible by their irrevocable stupidity
random goon: "ever suck a dick you didn't like before?" me: "no, that dosen't make any sense." goon walks away to goonish friend. random goon: "hey this guy, i just asked him if he sucks dick and he was like I suck dick" goons walk away. me: "those guys are gay, GAY." buffoon lame-brain fathead
by straight as a nail. January 13, 2005
Some Fat cunt who goes into a chippy and asks for a pizza
Keith: (After reading the menu and realising there are no pizzas on it) Can I Have a Pizza?
Kev: Fuck Off ya Goon, we sell fish 'n' chips.
by Adski March 14, 2004

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