Someone (typically a male teen) whose primary physical attribute is lankiness. To qualify for goonness, one should be 6 feet 3 inches or over, and should not weigh in excess of 150 pounds.

Goons often have long limbs to accentuate the lankiness.
Bob's skill in basketball is primarily a result of him being a goon.
by Jeff Hunt from HollandNY July 25, 2008
A person you sell schwag weed to that you otherwise would have nothing to do with because of their overall dirtball qualities.
I can't believe that stinky fucker Dean keeps buying this shit weed. What a goon!
by bang, bang Nick Lange July 22, 2006
A second world war nickname for a German soldior.
I hate those goons
by Becky January 04, 2004
a big fecking idiot
bazrat you goon
by Mcfarts June 06, 2003
a goon is someone that you can't depend on someone that makes promises that they can't keep.
by Darius April 06, 2003
an old man, most likely with a receding hair line. He probably drives a shitty 85 Plymouth minivan and wears around pants covered in holes. Chances are no one likes him nor wants to associate with him in any way whatsoever
That guy Vinny is a fucking goon.
by Vino October 10, 2006
The act of laying shit, feces, or fecal matter.
I'll be right back, I gotta drop a goon.
by Jim Nunan January 12, 2004
some n00b with stupid eyes
some 1 who is hired
hired goon
Ben ***** evans is a hired goon lool
by Steve601 December 06, 2007

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