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1-Person of dubious mental capacity.
2-One whom does not possess sound reasoning.
3-Hired muscle.
4- Character populating the strange island in popeye.
1 - "Ha look at that goon!"
2- "Ed Littlechild is such a goon"
3- "Quick lets bust a move before they send in the goons"
by olive April 16, 2005
a person who has had a great life, lots of friends, and is always having fun.
a goon is a cheerful person.
by youowemeacherrycoke October 14, 2011
A bag-in-box beverage dispensing unit
I smashed the box, ripped out the goon bag, blew it up and slept on it.
by Hammock Sways October 05, 2011
often used in ireland dublin area, to cheer on and to embarass, mostly elongated to "gooooooowawn" often proceeds "spin it!" (which is shouted at random to get large groups shouting gooowawn)
(glenn falls and looks stupid)
large group of friends say "goooooowawn!!!" in sequence

random time of day
daragh says "spin it"
large group says loudly "go on!!!!"
by justpoopaul October 18, 2008
Low level thugs that usually travel in packs, traditionally referred to as one's crew that originates by means of the people who live within a city. For example, there are Pierrefonds goons and Pointe-Claire goons. What defines a Pierrefonds goon is a goon who lives in Pierrefonds.

Goons love weed. Not the love you see in movies, man. This shit is deep love, like the love you feel for a child or family.
Goons also experiment exclusively with a variety of other street drugs, such as MDMA, coke & LSD.

Most goons have cars and when they assemble as a crew, they all drive their own cars. We're talking like, 4 cars for one crew.

A last thing to know about goons is that they all listen to the same music, usually rap.
That guy is a goon. No other word for it.
by natloveslamp1 March 01, 2013
Shit soft faggots call themselves.
"y0 br0 im such a go0n! #YOLO"
>the "goon" proceeds to mow the lawn for his allowance money.
by GoonSlayer August 21, 2012
A goon is a: robber, killer, gangster, or any hardened criminal.

Rapper Plies (FL) widely uses the term when describing himself and the street people around him, Leading people to believe that this is a popular urban street term in Florida, which is generally true.

Before the streets took this word under, it meant an overall bad person, from a school bully to a mafia criminal.
"Everybody Goons until they catch a case, detectives go to talking that killer shit fade away" -plies

"Car full of Goons and everybody certified, and if you froze up last time you can't ride, its going down tonight, cause these Goons out lurkin" -plies

A ski-mask used in armed robberies is commonly known as a "goon mask"
by FLA91 December 25, 2010
A goon is often referred to athletes who like to fight or be physical, especially for canadian hickey players. They often fourth line grinders who cant actually play. It can also be used for other sports such as football for someone who goes out of their way to make a hit.
1. My bro just had like 25 penalty minutes last night, hes such a goon.

2. He just broke that kids leg, HUGE goon.
by goonsquad3535 December 19, 2009