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1-Person of dubious mental capacity.
2-One whom does not possess sound reasoning.
3-Hired muscle.
4- Character populating the strange island in popeye.
1 - "Ha look at that goon!"
2- "Ed Littlechild is such a goon"
3- "Quick lets bust a move before they send in the goons"
by olive April 16, 2005
noun- a person who just does not give a damn

verb- to behave in a way that displays the fact that one is a goon
1. After Rodney's main bitch quit him, he quit giving a damn, and, in doing so, became a goon.

2. Jermaine stood up at work and walked out the damn door. He was straight goonin'.
by MofistolRobinson March 30, 2012
A surprised reaction to outrageous news (good or bad). The way it is said indicates whether it is a happy surprised or a bad shock.

A happy "go on" is usually ran together to sound like, "gwan", whereas an upset or shocked "go on" sounds more like, "go...wawn".
Sally: "Guess what, I got the job!"
Mary: "Go on!!!"
by newfie4L August 13, 2007
A cheap, low quality wine often sold in 5L casks called 'goonies'. A goonie can be purchased for well under the price of a regular bottle of wine as it tastes like cat's piss, but still contains around 11%ALC/VOL. Goon is a popular drink amongst teens and the homeless within Australia, as it provides lots of booze for lots of people at a fraction of the cost of anything else on the market worth drinking.

Goonie - $15
That's 3 people drunk for $5 each!

Goon is the main ingredient in goon punch, the main tool in 'Goon-o-fortune' and 'Goon Warrior', as well as a popular accompaniment to the card game 'Kings' (waterfall).
Guy 1: Ooohhh sooo sick... Never drinking goon again...

*One week later*

Guy 2: Dude, wanna go grab a goonie for tonight?
Guy 1: Sure!
by Danielkjoyce July 09, 2010
To masturbate, especially in an obsessive or energetic way. See gooning. Also, the act of masturbating energetically.
Given the choice, he'd rather goon than fuck. At the end of a hard day, he likes to toke up and goon. He's going to go home and have a goon.
by kendigby November 02, 2011
the party starter, fruity soft white that tickles the palette...almost certain to get u fucked up-this cheap 'grape juice' was put on this earth for one to enjoy....
uugh uugh uugh uugh.
Comes in various flavaz, although fruity lexia is the taste of choice!
An aquired taste, that one must devour!
"Thats some sweet ass goon, son"
"Here, hit dat goon, chief!"
"Fuck thats a fine drop of goon"
"Goon, the other other white wine"
by OH NETTY March 20, 2009
cheap ass muthafuckin wine

has a reputation for getting you pissed quickly, and the comfy silver bag doubles as a pillow ;)
"Hey Clifton, lets buy some goon from our centrelink payment and get FUCKED up"

"Clancy im tired let me sleep on your bag of goon!"
by LEEROY-WALLY April 21, 2008
Someone who is silly/goofy and just acts out of the norm. Usually associated with shorter girls of Latin decent. Also the term was coined by A.J. Kelly a dashing gentlemen of the highest class and swag.
Friend 1: Valeria is so weird
Friend 2: Ya for sure brah she's a Goon!
by Swagmaster Flash420 December 17, 2013