1-Person of dubious mental capacity.
2-One whom does not possess sound reasoning.
3-Hired muscle.
4- Character populating the strange island in popeye.
1 - "Ha look at that goon!"
2- "Ed Littlechild is such a goon"
3- "Quick lets bust a move before they send in the goons"
by olive April 16, 2005
an old man, most likely with a receding hair line. He probably drives a shitty 85 Plymouth minivan and wears around pants covered in holes. Chances are no one likes him nor wants to associate with him in any way whatsoever
That guy Vinny is a fucking goon.
by Vino October 10, 2006
The act of laying shit, feces, or fecal matter.
I'll be right back, I gotta drop a goon.
by Jim Nunan January 12, 2004
some n00b with stupid eyes
some 1 who is hired
hired goon
Ben ***** evans is a hired goon lool
by Steve601 December 06, 2007
A term used to describe a person who studies chemical engineering.
Look at that goon Alex and his air-lift fermentor.
by ce2jrz May 08, 2005
Alexander Pesci .
Why, look who it is! Douglas Wayne Phillips! What a goon. Oh wait, it's not Wayne, it's his goon protege, Alexander Pesci.
by Aaron April 17, 2005
A large man who likes to, or is paid to beat up people for their boss. Also overly aggressive behavior.
Send the Goons after him! Goon it up!
by DPB March 16, 2005
a person who is less than intelligent.
Charlie was so stupid earlier - he's a total goon!
by boho chick March 16, 2005
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