A group of close friends who don't take mess from anybody. We're besties who ALWAYS have each other's back;; no matter WHAT!
"GOON SQUAD!...squad UP"
by danc3izlife July 08, 2009
A group of three girlfriends who get together, drink, smoke and laugh. Named for an accidental text message received by one of the girls that said "yo, what up goon squad? This be Dre from the club"
I need my goon squad. I am hangin with my goon squad. Yo, what up goon squad?
by goonie #1 October 17, 2009
A sreet gang originated in Polk County, Florida
aka P.C.G.S (Polk County Goon Squad)
Goon Squad wears white and black to represent them.
by Juvi D January 04, 2008
A gang that originated in polk county Florida
watch out for that polk county goon squad!
by JUVI D January 04, 2008
A group of goons (see goon); the government; a drunk clique of white-trash southerner KKK members in a pick-up truck on a saturday night waving the confederate flag and hoping to lynch a black person.
The Goonsquad was a foot taller than me; The Goonsquad wants to reach its hands into foreign oil; The Goonsquad wasn't arrested because the local cops are on their side and were at the hanging.
by agentcodyfranks January 26, 2004
Someone who squeezes their childs butt, threatens with a knife then hits with a wet wash rag
Margaret Petersen is a Goon Squad
by Pootersen January 31, 2009
Gang of hard pipe-hitting niggas that run shit in Ottawa, Illinois
The goon squad would smash the hittas any day of the week, sober or not.
by Goon Chief January 05, 2008
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