Get Out Of Metal
Guy 1: Dude, you should check out Slipknot, they're my favorite metal band ever!
Guy 2: GOOM
by Cataclysmical January 05, 2010
Top Definition
mushrooms e.i. shrooms
i was tripping cause i took some gooms.
by gwenstefaniissex June 30, 2005
"goom" is slang used for magic mushrooms.
"those gooms fucked with my head and i thought the aliens were coming."

"My parents were PISSED when i came home on gooms. They weren't mad that i was tripping on gooms, they were mad because i ate the dog."
by itssean July 07, 2009
One excelling in stupidity
Jeff was giving his dog a chocolate tea bag bandit mask when it bit his nuts off - what a fucking goom.
by Jimmy Goomface August 10, 2007
A slang term for magic mushrooms
Other terms: goomies, goomers, goomed-out, gooming-balls.
1. "Bro......... I'm totally gooming-balls right now.....

2. "Me too man, these gooms are fuckin nuts.
by Joey........ October 27, 2013
When someone has huge gums.
Her gooms are so big, they practically take up her whole mouth.
by Petco Nuts are awesome April 18, 2014
To have rhythm and drum very very well. After the very talented rock n roll drummer Matt Goom. Matt Goom has played drums with Glen Hughes, Chad Smith and now with The Quireboys.
That guys got Goom man. He is a true Rock N Roller!
by Tait Pollack May 30, 2011
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