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What a doctor says or should say to all the med seeking drug addicts. It means Get Out Of My ER.
Dead beat: Hey doc, I have pain in my abdomen and I need pain medication. I'm allergic to everything except dilaudid, and I'm allergic to anything less than 2 milligrams of dilaudid.
ER Doctor: GOOMER, dead beat!!
by mightydagon June 18, 2011
16 21
A Goomer is usually a pothead, genius, lacrosse player who is extremely selfish and doesn't care about anyone. You would usually find a Goomer in a crowd of potheads and hippies partying his ass off. A goomer can be a total douche at times. When a goomer is at a party, it will hook up with any girl it wants, but otherwise it is a complete and total pussy. A lot of girls want a goomer's "d" but the goomer is to ignorant to notice it. A goomer is EXTREMELY LAZY!
Jim- "Wow, that guy gets such good grades!"

Jane- "Don't be fooled, he's just a gay little pothead lacrosse player who can't take a hint. He was super nice to me last night but now whenever I try and flirt with him, he just stands there like an idiot."

Jim- "Oh well, he must be a pussy ass goomer"
by roseyysinclairr April 09, 2013
22 4
an entity that is prone to the loss of basic funtionality of thought process resulting in momentary lapses of physical awareness.
The person in the car that just cut me off in traffic is a goomer
by Kevin Lovell May 10, 2004
81 67
A term used in the South-West of England to refer to one-legged and unsuccessful prostitutes; they are usually found roaming the streets of towns and cities.
"Hey man, look at that babe over there wearing the tube top!"
"She's only got one leg; she's a goomer."
"What a disappointment, let's go get some tacos."
by The L-Dog October 22, 2009
62 52
an individual who is beyond awkward. Wears geak like clothing, extremly smart and has absoultley zero swag. much like a geak, but the most extreme type of geakyness
jim- "holy shit, look at those kids pants, they only go to his shins"

matt- "ya you can see his white socks pulled all the way up his leg"

jim- "have you ever seen him with a girl?"

matt- "never, he always has a book in his hands"

jim- "haha, what a goomer"
by nighty11 March 05, 2011
12 41
A right Plonka
oi goomer
by D Williams October 22, 2003
33 72