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Goomba means fat dumb slob.
I can't believe that guy, he is so fat, I bet he just sits and eats all day, what a goomba...
by Cambria D.H. September 20, 2005
Italian for unknowing and usually big or clumsy; awkward
by blastman June 25, 2003
extremeley ugly gyals that fink dey are somehow attractive
John:look at them ugly GOOMBAS
Peter:i know dere soo butters
by J DOT MANER October 19, 2007
a person who fat, lazy, annoying and resembles a goomba from super mario brothers. just like the goomba that they resemble you also wish that they would die if you jumped on them
-man that fat rebecca chick annoys the shit out of me
-yea what a fukn dumb goomba
by dani_california June 04, 2006
I read that the root is in the word "campare - tirare a campare, to live from day to day" which became gambare and eventually goomba.
"Hey gambari!"
by Leo November 13, 2003
When a man pokes his erect penis into his partner's cheek causing their mouth to open, to stick their tounge out and to look confused similar to the Goomba's in the Super Mario Brother's Movie.
Last night, Jenny totally got Goomba'd and looked like a fool.
by Adam RD October 24, 2006
A symbol of urban destruction, but also of rebirth
Viva La Goomba!
by SLoW March 02, 2004