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Somebody that's goofy, stupid acting in a silly kind of way.
Look at that fool! He's such a gooma head!
by christoff324 August 26, 2010

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get goo-ma goomah goo-mah my
Get out of my apartment
Formally known as "get out of my house" until many realized that "get out of my house" would be goomh. It is still used as an acronym for "get out of my house", though.
Nina: I hate you
Ethan: Gooma

Erika: Wow I really hate your shoes
Gaby: Seriously Erika? Gooma!!!!
by Gooma King June 21, 2010
Acronym: Get off of my ass.
Usually seen on car license plates around the south.
Bitch, you better GOOMA.
by Gooma GKs July 30, 2010