A blind bastard known for his wounded soldiers. He has eyes comprable to such famous people as the Cookie Monster. He enjoys long walks on the beach and dating girls with massive pubic hair. In high school, he was that guy.
he was that guy. fuck googly eyes
by John schoolcraft April 01, 2007
someone with bug eyes
look at those gooly eyes
by anonymous April 24, 2005
An action used by humans to impress members of the opposite sex. Often times, an intimidated human male will offer his mate the Googly Eyes with hopes of sex or an extreme handjob by a female.

Female Definition: The Googly Eyes given to men by females often times represents a lack luster offer to fuck. A laughable female dance provided to an unexpected male. In a return a male will usually act unnoticed.
Dan: Hey Steve guess what?
Steve: Dude, whats up?
Dan: Totally give a chick the googly eyes yesterday. We fucked all night and then proceeded to have more sex after she gave me an extreme handjob.
Steve: Wow, that's incredible! I'm going to try it on our waitress!

Janice: Laura I gave a guy the googly eyes before and he just looked away!
Laura: That's because your ugly and I just had sex with him 12 minutes ago!
by Drimicus August 02, 2008
Someone who scares everyone they meet with their big ass eyes!
eyes that tend to come way too far out of the head. They usually use a lame excuse that its their contact lenses.
oi bruv why does your bredrin James always look at people with them googly eyes!
by Malaki September 07, 2005
A common name for a lunch mointor at school whos condition prevents them from cleaning tables and rather fixates them around simple things, such as cell phone screens. They are also prone to prank calls due to their condition, and can be explained by "one eyes lookin at you, and one eyes lookin for you".
Hey look over there, its googly eyes on her damn cell phone again, shouldnt she be cleaning the table.
by googleyassasin19 May 26, 2009
When a guy puts each testicle in each of a girl's eye sockets.
Damn, your mom is hot! I wanna give her googly eyes!
by bigbizzle June 06, 2006
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