someone with bug eyes
look at those gooly eyes
by anonymous April 24, 2005
Someone who scares everyone they meet with their big ass eyes!
eyes that tend to come way too far out of the head. They usually use a lame excuse that its their contact lenses.
oi bruv why does your bredrin James always look at people with them googly eyes!
by Malaki September 07, 2005
A common name for a lunch mointor at school whos condition prevents them from cleaning tables and rather fixates them around simple things, such as cell phone screens. They are also prone to prank calls due to their condition, and can be explained by "one eyes lookin at you, and one eyes lookin for you".
Hey look over there, its googly eyes on her damn cell phone again, shouldnt she be cleaning the table.
by googleyassasin19 May 26, 2009
When a guy puts each testicle in each of a girl's eye sockets.
Damn, your mom is hot! I wanna give her googly eyes!
by bigbizzle June 06, 2006

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