The glassy, unfocused eyes that people get after they drink way too much alcohol. This look is usually accompanied by large circles around the eyes, and an overall impression that the person's eyes are liable to fall out at any moment. Not everyone can obtain the googly eyes look. Some people skip this stage and proceed right to black-out.
Frat boy#1: Dude, do you remember anything about last night?

Frat boy#2: No, I was really googly eyed.

Guy#1: You ok? You have some major googly eyes going on there.

Guy#2: What!? I'm too drunk to hear anything!
by miyadaman October 13, 2011
Top Definition
when a person sees someone they like a lot. The way they look at them when they can not find the words to express how they feel. They way someone looks at the person who has them sprung. Not necessarily big huge eyes. Just staring alot. It can just be an expression.
He's got me all googly eyes.
by AKA bobby March 07, 2008
the googly eye (or just googly) is the eye-contact used to relay your interest in another.
"Girrrrrl, he TOTALLY just gave you the full-blown googly."
by shocka October 08, 2004
When your eyes are all over the place. Like the ones you glue on elementary school projects
"Da Fuck! Look at that bitches googly eyes, they look from east to west!"
by @lpha September 09, 2011
When you take to many drugs and your eyes go alround the place.
Ascanio: look at mehow, he got Googly eyes.
Corsie: nah he cool, just take a shit of mdma
by The Lord almighty April 20, 2016
Someone with crazy eyes.
Damn, that bitch is so crazy, she has them googly eyes like Charlie Manson!
by Ernz February 20, 2015
Human eyes that protrude from the skull in a manner similar to a frog or a fish. This gives the freakish human an increased field of view, double that of a normal person. This strange feature often results in severe rejection by the opposite sex.
My roomate has repulsive googly eyes; I get scared when I see them shine in the dark.
by Tim106 May 02, 2005
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