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1. the action of having put googlie-eyes (those little plastic wiggly eyes kids use in art class') on something (or someone)

2. irrationally "falling for" someone and being obvious about it; having a crush on someone and having an udder lack of coy about it
1. Suzy, have the kids googlie-eyed their puppets yet?

2. Don't pretend, we all know you're googlie-eyed about her.
She's googlie-eyed about him and it's beginning to sicken me how much she flirts with him.
by Dogma Girl February 24, 2010
to get nervous, blushed, speechless, etc... when the one you have interest in (a crush) approaches
Shauna gets all googlie-eyed when Mark, the high school quarter back, walks by.
by alligazm April 22, 2008

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