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When anything is named something that is virtually impossible to do a google search on, usually because the terms are too common
Try to look up the band "!!!"
by Rachel Hurley October 05, 2004
Hiring an expensive consultant to perform independent and lengthy research leveraging their specific expertise, only to later find they pulled all their research off of Google in a matter of minutes.
Hey boss, that report we paid for is just a mash-up of information off of the 1st search page in Google. I think we've been google fucked.

by Joeeek April 17, 2008
n. when you use a google product to find information, such as directions from google maps, and the result is a bizarre route that takes you miles out of your way.
"where the hell are we???" - "I have no clue.... we've been Googlefucked!!!"
by Kaiserbuns January 17, 2009
When the directions you've downloaded from Google are wrong and you don't end up at the desired destination.
Dude, I totally would have been here on time except that I got google fucked.
by DPMistress March 02, 2009
When your website design and code is so good, Google constantly crawls your website and your SERPs constantly rise.
Our site is so good, it gets Google fucked every day.
by Traffic Cop Smith July 28, 2010
Totally fucked, beyond any hope of redemption. Fucked to the (mathematical power of Google).
Unsalvageable; beyond hope; untouchable.
My wife told me not to eat the leftovers, I forgot. I am Googlefucked.
by Herbos, a prince November 22, 2015
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