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(N.) Setting up a large number of Web pages with links that point to a specific Web site so that the site will appear near the top of a Google search when users enter the link text. -Taken from
If you put in French Military Victories or Miserable Failurein and hit "I'm Feeling Lucky", you'll have acessed a Google Bomb.
by G-Union December 11, 2003
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In addition to showing you pages that have the keywords a searcher is looking for, Google also shows you pages that have been linked via the searcher's keywords. Google bombing involves manipulating to display a website that has nothing to do with the searched-for term.
While the "miserable failure" google bomb is funny, I much prefer the "french military victories" google bomb.
by Joe Schmitt December 06, 2003
Making fun of and/or embaressing someone by posting things such as comics and/or pictures on


Being the person who's embaressing picture is on the net. That would result in being Google Bombed.


Being the person who google bombs. You may even become known as the "Google bomber."

That chick is google bombing!
by BMA January 11, 2007

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