(n.) or (v.)

etymology: a portmanteau of google and goof

1. a text string mistakenly submitted to a search engine with typos or otherwise misspelled words

2. the act of mistakenly submitting a text string to a search engine with typos or otherwise misspelled words
One of Google's main objectives in implementing its suggested spellings function was to correct goofles, thereby making use of the internet significantly easier for poor spellers and middle school students worldwide.

Raj goofled with surprisingly unpleasant results when, during his annual powerpoint and internet-based presentation to the board of directors of 3M, he Google image searched for "pos tit notes."
by Elliott August 29, 2005
Top Definition
To receive entertaining/unexpected search results after a typo (i.e. a goof) when using a search engine (especially google)
"Dude, I was trying to find an image of a scart cable but goofled and dropped the 'r' ..."
by blues x man March 14, 2006
When the brains at Google do something stupid.
Hey, you seen the latest Goofle? They're calling it "Google Web Accelerator".
by Gerry and SOD March 10, 2006
The act of conducting an internet search for one thing and encountering something very different and often times alarming.
Me: I went online to see how to milk a cow for a school project and I saw a video of this small but violent black woman tugging on a series of gnarly, pulsing cocks.

Mom: Well, that's the last time you make that Goofle. Now be a good boy and pass me the milk.
by Jackassery September 20, 2008
a search engine for porn. Because we all know when you type the wrong thing into Google, you'll be subjected to some kind of pornography or otherwise inappropriate and/or unwanted material.
I just goofled " big asian" and you don't want to know what came up...
by saymyname115 February 11, 2011
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