The consumption of too many drugs e.g weed, alcohol, blow with the accumulation of too many pizza pockets puts the users into a complete state of paralysis unable to remove from the couch only the addiction of the substances will give the user the motive and or the drive to remove him or herself from the couch and to the fridge, bong, or glass chessboard placed on the table right in front of him
Spencer: how much weed have we got left

Nigel: urrrrrgh urrrrgh

Rob: he's gooed to the couch

James: lets eat his pizza pockets
by critizise this February 01, 2013
Top Definition
past tense of shooting goo, i.e. busting a nut
"when she bent over it was so hot, i gooed my britches"
by Steph X September 10, 2007
The act of ejaculating in or on someone.

Gooing is the Verb equivalent.
Person 1 "Was she good in bed?"
Person 2 "Ahh man, I gooed all over her!"
by HaZaAtki April 01, 2010
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