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A term commonly used as an insult towards one who precisely obeys guidelines and rules all too often,usually in school for praise or recognition.
"She's a straight A student.She always does her work and listens to the teacher.What a goody goody two shoes".
by R@nd0mP3r$0n November 20, 2013
A person who never breaks rules, always does extra and is generally unpopular and quiet. They snitch on people and get joy from telling people off.

Note: Clever people may not be goody goody two shoes.
Oh, that new kid is such a goody goody two shoes. He got rewarded for a good attitude every day and since he started coming to our school we've all been getting told off because he snitched on us!
by T0m_x69x_5h4h May 01, 2016
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