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(One Word)

Verb: to do a goodmovie is to watch a good movie with goodfood and/ or with at least one person of the opposite sex.

Noun: a good movie that you watch with goodfood and/or with at least ome person of the opposite sex
Verb: " hey you wanna do some goodmovie with me?"

Noun: " yo I'm going over to this girl's apartment to a goodmovie"
by d cast November 23, 2008

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High budget films with deeper concepts that either confuse or bore the ditzes and the douche bags of the world.
Ditz: Donnie Darko is weird, I don't get it.
Douche: Yeah, agreed, but it's awesome like that!
Douche 2: I didn't like it, I was so confused I gave up and fell asleep.
Intelligent person: I loved it, it was a good movie, it gave me a lot to think about.
by STYBY January 18, 2012