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A Southern method of wishing one well upon parting.
Far South: "Yea'ins ave a goodin."
Mid South: "Ya'all have a goodun."
North: "You guys have a good one."
by Laurel J Gordon October 19, 2005
17 4
The licking of one's balls in order to drive another's car.
"Dude, he total gave me a Goodin to drive my shitty ass 240 around the bllock.
by Nathanial November 21, 2007
14 8
"You could put your goodins in this pouch"
by haidrasmh March 10, 2010
1 0
Alec Goodin is a weird little kid that laughs at anything
you are a stupid goodin
by Kenny li January 05, 2005
8 13