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simply the bible butcould also refer to Koran torah or any orther holly book
I read from the good book every sunday
by tom11 November 26, 2005
Goodbook (verb), To Goodbook; a specific case of the "Appeal to Authority" logical fallacy committed by using the Bible, Torah, Koran or other holy scripture or interpretation to justify a position. Use of this self-referencing reference ends any rational discussion as the offender has just proved that they are a moron incapable of independent opinion or discourse on the subject
"I was trying to have a discussion about same-sex marriage and my mom would hear none of it. She just kept saying how the bible said it was wrong and evil."

"Dude- you were totally Goodbooked! That shit is a total logical fallacy!"

"I know, right? Who knew my mom was an idiot?"
by Lifeofreilly September 30, 2008