A goodas is a excellent woman she is industrious, talented, attractive, confident she has excellent characteritics.
Isheba is a goodas girl she is a crown to her husban his heart safely trusts her she does him good not bad she is a gift of great value her worth is far above money

Pat is a goodas girl she repect her self and others in every ways that is right her ways are pleasant in the eyes of the people she is a tree of life to those that take her for a friend
by Hardrock54 May 06, 2009
Top Definition
Goodas is used to describe a girl who is good as gold - doesnt sleep around- or cheat on her lover - gets what she wants through work or talent rather than sleeping with people to get there she is the total opposite to a slag or skettle- has to be fit aswell tho!
"aint you worried about your girl going out tonite"
"Nah - i know shes a goodas"
by jonesinio April 01, 2004
a type of cheese that rapper E-40 uses to describe money . Connects cheese with money.
I got a lot of gooda after my first paycheck
by pjshockey April 16, 2006
I gotta little bit a gooda.

We talk like this in the Yea, its all about the gooda.

That gooda got me turf talking.
by Mia510 November 17, 2006
A varaiation of the word "good." Used in a sarcastic tone. Something of little quality, skill, or appearance. Often pronounced with an elongated stress on the two "o's" e.g. Goooooda.
My math grade was real gooda last semester.
by BigSoyYoBoy April 11, 2009
Gooda means marijuana. not cheese, not yaper, and nothing else.

Pronunced.. Goooda
I'm goin ta wake up an get me a good bag of sticky gooda!!!!!
by Mac Meeze November 06, 2009
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