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Thank one for looking out for you
Thanks for the soda, good lookin
by Nate December 28, 2002
174 43
thanks for watching my back.
--"hey man i tried to hook you up with some sales."

-"ight man good lookin"
by MDQ December 25, 2008
53 12
an expression of thanks or approbation.
When I gave Ch--- one of my Yankee's game ticket stubs to look at, he held it gingerly in his fingers and admired it like a sacred relic. I told him to keep it; he replied with the deepest sincerity, "Good lookin', Marcus."
by TheSaminal July 05, 2005
29 9
short for good lookin' out
Man when you talked to those pigs, that was good lookin'.
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004
10 6
A good word to use when you want to say something is cool
or sweet without sounding lame. good lookin must be said either in a slow drawl,or up-beat.
ex: someone hands you youre cigarettes while driving so you dont have to reach you say
"oh good lookin!"
by just money July 18, 2006
35 37
Good looking
I am so goodlookin
by BigRed7777777 July 10, 2008
1 5
1] something to say to one after one sneezes, as reassurance that they haven't made an ass of themself
2] description of an attractive male (or female)
1] "(insert sneeze here)" "you're so good lookin!"
2] "how does he do it? he's just so good lookin!"
by me December 11, 2004
6 67