Something you say when someone enthusiastically tells you about something that you think is retarded. It generally gives them the impression that you care, but provides an opportunity to get into a new conversation without being rude.

Excellent for dealing with co-workers who tell you about "their crazy weekend," when your weekend was in fact 18 times crazier and involved at least two activities that were illegal.
"Morning Charlie. Man, I had the craziest weekend ever! I had three beers and totally danced up a storm at the bar. It was the neatest time ever."

*(internal monologue): holy crap...this guy sucks ass. I wonder what he would say if I told him about my weekend. Let's see, I did about 16 grams of shrooms, chugged a bottle of whiskey, and then smoked a whole bunch of weed. Then I thought I saw Jesus and chased him down the street with an axe. I woke up in a pool of vomit in Mexico and had to hitch a ride back home with some illegal immigrants...

"Wow, Frank, that sure sounds like a lot of fun! Good times...Anyway - see you later."
by Pollup November 24, 2007
Top Definition
A TV show that aired way back in the 70's, which illustrated the life of a black family living in the projects.

The TV show became an instant classic thanks to the lively yet scrawny character J.J. Evans aka "Kid Dyn-o-mite"

The other characters were Florida (the compassionate mother), James Sr (the discplinarian father), Thelma (the hot sister), Michael (the pre-pubescent annoying kid brother), Willona (the intruding next door neighbor), and Bookman aka "Buffalo Butt" (the fatass super who everyone makes fun of)

The show also featured the acting debut of Janet Jackson as Penny (the cute but wiseass orphaned child)
dude1: What're u watching?
dude2: Good Times
dude1: is that the show wit ReRun?
dude2: no, its with Kid Dyn-O-mite!
by pascaL July 24, 2004
A TV Series that ran from 1974-1979.
Good times, anytime you need a payment
Good times, anytime you need a friend
Good times, anytime you're out from under
Not getting hassled, not getting hustled
Keeping your head above water
Makin' a wave when you can
Temporary layoffs, good times
Easy-credit ripoffs, good times
Scratchin' and survivin', good times
Hangin' in the chow line, good times
Ain't we lucky we got 'em
Good ti-i-imes, yeah.
by Good_Times July 31, 2005
Very popular 1970's sitcom about a black family living in Chicago.
Example: None of you jerks have heard of the great show known as "Good Times".
by Canaduck May 03, 2004
A sitcom I grew up watching.
To this day. I still watch Good Times
by Saints June 26, 2004
The worst sitcom ever made.
Good Times is such a bad show, just thinking about it makes me want to vomit
by Captain Obvious May 16, 2004
When a bunch of lesbians knock on your door and you open the door and they are having hot sex on your front porch!
Fuck man, it was a total good time when Sally and Monica were fucking eachother right against my front door!
by lesbiansexrocksmysocks213 March 21, 2004
when your off dipshitting around with your friends, just doing what you dumbasses do.
"I can't believe Jake and Steve stole that sign."

"Yeah, but it was a good time."
by Jon Zimmerman June 18, 2008
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