Sarcasm when someone says or does something stupid.
Bob: Is that a boy or a girl, i think i might hit it if it's a girl.

Jake: It's a guy.

Bob: Oh snapp!

Jake: Good looks
#smooth #good stuff #stupid #dumb #good look
by Colombianndudee5 July 17, 2010
Top Definition
noun: thank you, good looking out
Someone passes you a cigarette because you're out and you reply "good looks."
by Amy August 06, 2003
1) An alternative and casual way of saying thank you to someone when they notice something you overlooked.

2) It more commonly means someone is physically attractive or has "good looks."
Good looks, man

Look at that good looking woman over there! Damn!
#good looks #good looking out #good lord #good grief #brosama bin laden
by Dancing with Fire June 17, 2011
1. To let someone know you appericiate their effort to help you out.

2. Abbreviation for good looking out.
1. Friend: Hey man you forgot your keys.
You: Aw thanks man, good look.

2. You: Can I get a ride?
Friend: Sure man.
You: Good look.
by Y0shi July 01, 2005
Aother way to say thank you. When you don't want to sound gay by telling another guy that you appreacate what he did for you
Yo mike, thanks for looking after my truck, thats good looks!
#good looks #thank you #ty #looks #appreacate
by scottie9151 October 23, 2005
n. Short for good looking out; thank you
Dude- I'll get the door.
Dude2- Good looks my dude.
#good #looks #looking #out #thank #you #thanks
by masshole123 July 16, 2008
An expression used to thank someone; " Good lookin' Out!!!"
Me: Fuck,I left my pizzo at that girl's crib!"

You: "Na bro, i snatched it up."

Me: "Good Looks!!"
#good lookin out #good shit #pimpin bro #fuckin aye #alright
by dyp85 October 15, 2008
to say thank you
John asked dan for a deal on a squader.
Dan hooks him up.
John then says good look
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
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