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A girl that says she wont do shit, but insists on seeing your cock. Then when you do show her she can't ehlp but show you her best Deep Throat techique.
Paige smith
by Mike Jones June 02, 2004
A teenage girl, for example one who wants to get into the modelling business... she cant get in so reorts to sucing off the guy's knob, taking it wherever he puts it, then going home to her boyfriend to cuddle, beacause thats all that they do. but if it gets her a better chance at something she loves more, she'll do it.
Boyfreind:" so how was the photoshoot?"
(She gave out head and took all the cream in her face)
Boyfreind:" I love you"
Girlfreind:"I love you too.
by Used April 09, 2005
a good girl ia a young struggling college student that sucks cock, pukes and continues to suck without breaking stride. then takes it up the ass from some old dude calling her a good girl the whole time right before he gives her mud mouth.
thats right, you be a goooood girl.
by gato September 11, 2003
a girl that will suck your beef stick after you have been balls deep in her arse.
was she a good girl? yea buddy she's a good girl.
by J.F. February 12, 2003