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an interjection, generally used before something pleasing or displeasing
Good lord, that chick rides fine whips.


Good lord, it is really hot in herrr.
by Poppin' Taco July 15, 2004
1 1
An oxymoron .........
Good god? HA! Don't kid me!
by la July 21, 2004
2 3
An exclamation to God for some reason, usually in shock.
Person One:Good lord! I don't believe I ate that entire tub of bean dip!
Person Two:Fatass!
by Brian/Larry/Ziggy/Morpheus July 21, 2004
0 1
a lord of good qualitys
thats a good lord u got there fella
by kent July 24, 2004
0 2
A term used in the deep south by many hicks.
Good lord, did ya see that dead deer in the road, I could have had it for dinner it was that big!
by Scion July 22, 2004
1 4