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1. An expression of excitement, amazement, or bewilderment.

2. Casual name for the Abrahamic god
1. Good lord! There's a UFO landing in my driveway!

2. According to the minister, the Good Lord is always watching out for us.
by Super Gerbil July 16, 2004
a vent for frustration...
Used in the same context as "What the heck! For heaven's sake!
by Lauren July 23, 2004
this is when someone you go in a bathroom and if someone is takin a shit, u get alotta paper towels, and wet them in the sink. make sure they are real wet. then shout "oo damn some one needs the goodlord" and turn the lights off and throw the wet towels over the stall landing on them and tellin them they are saved!
"man i was skippin class to take a piss, and saw some dude in there. i had to goodlord him for kicks."
by AceMaster May 16, 2007
an exclamation of surprize.
what can you do on a skateboard?

didn't you just see me 360 flip that 13 set back there?

good lord!
by karl July 23, 2004
An effective and/or morally worthy member of the feudal aristocracy.
Robin of Locksley was a good lord, but King John was a cunt.
by Andy July 22, 2004
expression of surprise
jesus!, God damn!, oh my goodness!
by Rubelise July 21, 2004
an interjection, generally used before something pleasing or displeasing
Good lord, that chick rides fine whips.


Good lord, it is really hot in herrr.
by Poppin' Taco July 15, 2004