1) Another way to say "sweet" or "yesss!". Similar to "clutch".


Jon -"I want to roll this but I don't have any papers"

Sara- "I do"

Jon- "Good looks!"

2) Another way of saying "thank you"


-*Someone holds the door for you*

- "Good looks dude"

3) In reference to someones physical appearance

Ted- "Jennys got good looks"
#clutch #thanks #sweet #perfect #thumbs up
by emiliello December 06, 2011
too say thank you to some one after theyu gave you somthing
Brian: Yo lemmie get a peice of gum

David: aight (david throws gum to brian)

Brian: Good look
by Brian February 17, 2005
the REAL short form of Good looking out. Which referres to a friend keeping watch over another friend, no matter what context or situation it may be used in.
Example 1:
Matt: So Katy I'll call you tonight?

Sam: (whispers to Matt)dude your girlfriend is comming hurry up.

Matt: TTYL Katy...(turns to Sam) Good Look Bro

Example 2:

Tom: Jim did you bring the Beer?

Jim: Shit I forgot.

Bryan: I got it Covered! (Holds up a Case)

Tom: Good Look bro!
#good looking out #covered #backup #save #good call
by Dick Couch July 15, 2008
Yet another shortening of the term good looking as to mean thanks or thanks for watching out for me
Lenny : did u get that for me yo?

Kat : Yeah baby u know u got u!!!

Lenny : Good look' sexy....
#good look #thanks #watch out #good looking #good lookin'
by Sunni4lyf, August 18, 2008
Another way of saying "thank you, im not paying you back"
( you takes someones dollar)

you: good looks
#good lookin #thank you #im not paying you back #idk #idkk
by Swaggin1234 November 06, 2011
Sarcasm when someone says or does something stupid.
Bob: Is that a boy or a girl, i think i might hit it if it's a girl.

Jake: It's a guy.

Bob: Oh snapp!

Jake: Good looks
#smooth #good stuff #stupid #dumb #good look
by Colombianndudee5 July 17, 2010
A nice way to say that someone is hot and sexy in a mixed crowd or public setting. Especially when referring that person someone else. Or talking to that person directly without being overtly sexual or graphic.
Did you see that woman in the red dress. Now, that is a "good look". Or to the person directly: "That red dress on you is a "good look"."
#hot #sexy #hotty #sensual #booty
by chasr December 08, 2009
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