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Synonymous with good times.
You got an A on your Calculus exam? Good deal!
by Bungalow Bill October 07, 2001
1.) good deal means awesome, cool, etc.
2.) good deal = drop it, when somebody is talking about something and you don't really care just say, "good deal, good deal" over and over again until they shut the fuck up.
1.) oh man that is a good fucking deal hell yeah!

2.) Hey man I have some great news about the.... "Good Deal" (Drop it)
by CP November 19, 2004
A word you can say, as opposed to "okay" or "cool"; A conformation word.
Girl 1: Hey can you help me out?

Girl 2: Sure I can!

Girl 1: Alright, good deal.
by gooddealll August 27, 2009