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An insulting end to a conversation.
"Can we-"
"Good day to you, Sir!"
"I said GOOD DAY!"
by Mack November 12, 2003
Legend has it, that a man by the name of Roger Tellenfield was walking by one of his friends one day. His friend looked over and said "I am having a good day". Roger was having a horrible day so he pulled out a gun stuck it to his own head and said "Well good day to you sir" and shot himself. Since then this phrase has been used by many as a good way to end a fight or a good way to say good bye. .
Me: Well dude, your just retarded.
Zane: No I'm..
A short greeting that was a nice way of saying "Hello." Has since been replaced with:
1. Fo shizzle my nizzle!
2. Wassup?
3. What's happenin'?
4. What up bra?
5. YOOO!
6. How are ya?
7. I'll give you five for her.
8. Hi.
9. Hola, mi amigo, como estas?
"Good day to you, sir" said the fine english gent. "Fuck off bitch," replied the friendly white honkey.
by bAc0Nb0Y November 12, 2003
Somthing said by low level employees of hotels, cafes, tea-and-crumpet shops, and most of England (Except Northern Ireland, where it is replaced by "Top O' de mornin' to ye, laddie!").
TransGender: 'Sir' can be replaced by 'Ma'm'.
Doorman: Good day to you, sir. You're looking very professional today.
Buisnessman on a bad day: Shut up, you freakin' pansy.
by Zach G. November 11, 2003
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