what you call your mates when they do something good!
oi you got me a slab of beer what a good cunt
#mate #champ #legend #bloke #lets drink some piss
by ENAK_84 June 04, 2007
Top Definition
1.Someone who is considered by his peers to be of a good nature.
2.Someone who performs a selfless act which benefits those around him
1.Twanny rooted Shady up the ass. What a good cunt.
2.Taylor: Dane bought me some beers
Antonio: Good Cunt
#good cunt #core cunt #bitches aint shit #gary #gaza
by Lodgy May 17, 2007
A "good cunt" is a good person, top bloke, someone you want to be around. It's the exact opposite of a "shit cunt" (for the uneducated cunts, replace the positive adjective with shit or other derogatory type word)
That Burns cunt, he's a good cunt.
#shit cunt #good cunt #that cunt #you cunt #cunt
by Burnsy123 June 30, 2013
Someone who is awesome.
Joe: "Oi man I'll buy you McD's for dinner."
John: "Joe you're such a goodcunt!"

"Joe is such a goodcunt, he deserves a medal or something."
#good-cunt #good #cunt #legend #awesome
by Ace Noddy July 20, 2010
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