another word for penis

a word brianna, jeremy, and brett made up in the cafeteria during study hall in eighth grade.
Oh boy would i really like to suck your goochie!
by andrea and brianna November 12, 2006
Top Definition
an expression of happiness especially when you are high
John gsve me a bag of Doritos when I had the munchies, and I exclaimed, "Goochie!"
by lliw32 December 13, 2007
Adjective: Cute, or baby-like.

Verb: To pet an animal by starting at its forehead and moving backwards toward the middle of the back, making sure to squeeze its ears together on the way back. Mostly applying to long eared animals such as bunnies, chinchillas, or dogs.
example 1.
Cassi: Oh. My. Gosh. Mia is SO GOOOOOCHIE!!
Tommy: I know!! She is the goochiest thing ever!!

example 2.

Johnny: I goochied the goochiest chinchilla ever today! But I don't think it liked it, it obviously wasn't goochied much as a baby

Mischga: Some chinchilla owners just don't spend the time goochieing their chinchillas when they are babies.. It's a shame every chinchilla can't enjoy a goochieing..
by johnnyrocket7070 March 15, 2010
The bottled product of juice from the gooch area, used as a fragrance
Wow you smell great, what scent is that? Why its the latest release from goochie.
by choseph October 14, 2009
A rotten/dirty pussy
Last night when i waz ready to freak her she said straight she had a goochie.
by 4evaghetto December 30, 2004
A vagina reeking of discharge from a yeast infection.
My poochie won't enen sniff your goochie.
by J. Harrier April 21, 2004
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