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A combination of pubic hair, sweat, semen, and dirt that is found on the gooch (perineum) of a man, abounding as a result of strenuous exercise(s).
WAITER: Would you care for our new menu item, kind sir, marinated with gooch cheese?

CUSTOMER: Fuck no!
by Joe Lynne April 28, 2010
Often associated with 'duck butter' or 'smegma', gooch cheese is a creamy, cheese-like by-product of crotch sweat. It smells like a mixture ass, old pussy, and warm mayonnaise.
While Johnny was sleeping, I pulled down my pants, sat on his face, and left my stinky gooch cheese residue on his mouth. How you like that shit, Johnny.
by Wes August 26, 2006
when a man goes days, sometimes weeks, without and shower and a thin layer of cheese appears in his gooch from his nutsack sweating then drying out so much.
dude i bet that nasty fat guy has the worst gooch cheese ever!
by dee munee September 26, 2006
Gooch cheese is the delicious sludge that drips from a sweaty grundle.
Mike asked his friend Geoff to bend over so that he could harvest his gooch cheese for a delicious grilled gooch cheese sandwich.
by scodder July 21, 2010
a type of cheese that has black dots in it that when melted creates a moist wrinkled looking cheese resembling a gooch
Looks like someone gave you some gooch cheese
by FoShizzleMyNizzleOffTheHizzle February 03, 2011