1) The area between a male's scrotum and anus.
2) The nickname of Colm Cooper, a prominent member of the Kerry senior Gaelic Football squad.
2) "And here's Gooch with the ball....he shoots and it in the back of the net! Gooch scores with only seconds remaining!"
by John Ayuer April 29, 2006
A person who takes enjoyment in feasting on the area between the scrotal sack and the asshole aka the gooch

A person who is generally just an annoyance and a huge dick to everyone around them
(Can be used as noun or adjective)

An activity that involves partaking in the licking, munching, and/or general gobbling of one's gooch

The name of an amazing mud-volleyball team
Hank: Hey Rob, what's one of your favorite things to do?
Rob: Oh I love to nibble on the area between your balls and asshole
Hank: Wow, you're such a gooch gobbler

n: That bitch-ass dude at the bar was being such a gooch gobbler last night.
adj: You're such a gooch gobbling twat waffle!

Oh, ah gooch gobbling we will go!!

We are the Gooch Gobblers and we are the best!
by mtc25 February 15, 2008
A guy,s area between ball sac and anus equalls gooch. Women,s area betweem pussy,and anus equalls cooch.
Man, I,m really worried about the pilodial cyst on my gooch. The Dr. tried to examine it, and the damn thing showed evasive manuevers. They remember! I have to get a hunter killer to lance it for me.
by EH of HB November 15, 2007
The windy road/dirt track between ones anum and ones marbles.

A.K.A "Biffins bridge", "the vinegar tract" (see man vinegar) or "The Graham" as in graham gooch.
My biffins bridge stinks of man vinegar!

"NO you can't put ya vibrator up my ass pipe! but ya can rest on my gooch....mmmmmmmmmmmmm!"
by skoint September 01, 2006
the flabby bit of skin between the nootsack and butthole
tends to get very very sweaty on hot humid days
(on a hot humid summer day) JESUS CHRIST..my gooch is so sweaty it could hydrate a third world country

yeaaa bitch lick mah gooch
by yeaaa August 02, 2006
1. The area between a man's nutsack and asshole.
2. A stupid, annoying person.
1. My gooch was itchy as hell today.
Damn, my gooch is sweaty as hell.
Fuck, you kicked me right in the gooch.
That bitch licked my gooch all night long.

2. Man your such a fucking gooch!
Yeah, that faggot is such a gooch.
Why do you always have to be such a gooch?!
Shit, my mom is being so fucking goochy.
by GoochGoblin July 11, 2006
the site between your nuts and ass hole
That girl went to kick me in the
nuts, but she kick me in the gooch.
by Collin L December 01, 2005

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