When you take a shot, do a line, and then take a shot again
Josh did ten Gooch's one time and got really fucked up.
by Pmack April 10, 2015
Right between the balls and the asshole, lies the gooch.

The male species often enjoys the fondling of the gooch as well as the tickling,stroking,flicking, licking, swatting and massaging the region of and around the gooch.
Uncle Bob's breath smelt just like a darn gooch.
by whatsthebeat January 16, 2013
Outdoor game involving a frisbee, pitching wedge, and golf ball. Players toss the frisbee then try to pitch their balls from the tossing spot to within a clubs length of the frisbee in the least amount of strokes. Whoever has their ball closest to the frisbee in the least amount of strokes wins that Hooch and tosses the frisbee to a new spot. First to win 3 Hooches wins a Gooch. Hooches reset to 0 to begin competing for the next Gooch. Once a player reaches 3 Gooches they have won and become THE GRAND-MASTER GOOCH and all players that lost must get down on both knees and grovel to the winner by raising hands to the sky and bending over to touch the ground at the winner's feet thrice.
It was a sunny summer day and the park was filled with rousing games of Gooch and grovelers.
by GoatChedda June 05, 2012
Area of the male anatomy between the nutsack and bumhole.
Markus Becker slipped on the balance beam and split his gooch!
by GoochOfSteel July 29, 2011
1. A particular area between any two clearly definable points.
2. A reference to any undefined item of interest.
(Ex. 1) "Gentlemen, it appears we are in the gooch."

(Ex. 2) "What is that gooch over there?"
by Gooch73 December 22, 2014
Short for Gucci, to be used as "awesome" or everything is great!
Hey brahhh... How you feeling today. Bro... I'm Gooch!
by EZPawn Shooter December 13, 2014
The area of skin between anus and scrote.
Whenever I hookup with a guy, I lift up his dick to examine his gooch. The last guys gooch was all sweaty and hairy so I ran.
by the manzter November 01, 2013

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