The spot between your balls and butthole.

Used to insult one's self.
Clay is such a gooch.
by Michael Carlock April 07, 2006
the space between your balls and butt hole - can be used to describe someone being and idiot, if needed
"Man, my gooch is burning really badly. That's the last time I do someone a favor. OMG, they can hear me. OMG, I can hear me!! Dahdah dahdah dah!!"
"Stop being such a gooch and give me a shot of that."
by Cooter November 10, 2005
Area between your asshole and your cock
i had this chick lick my gooch
by war-su-gi January 25, 2003
A lanky blonde womanly boy with glasses who thinks he is cool, but he really really is not.
Aaron: Hey look at they gimpish guy on the red superbyke over there, what a GOOCH!!
by belle&joker June 02, 2009
The penis. That etymology comes from a meat packing company named Gooch that marketed their german sausage as "Gooch Blue Ribbon"
"She wants the gooch." meaning she wants cock or "the blue ribbon sausage."
by MrRoadie May 30, 2009
The skin that is between the Ball sac and the Butt hole.

Sometimes it can get very sweaty down there.

You can also grow a jungle down there.
My Gooch is very sweaty.

My Gooch is very Hairy.
by B-DICK March 18, 2009
In between your ass and your balls or pussy! ROFL
My GOOCH is ichy!
I need to shave my GOOCH
by Jordzz December 02, 2007

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