the view you get of a woman's snatch from behind (especially while bent over/on all fours). May resemble a taco/pita-pocket/roast beef sandwich from this viewpoint.
"When your Mom bent over, I couldn't help but notice her exquisite GOOCH"
#taco #pita-pocket #roast beef #inverted camel toe #phat phussy
by Mike/Brandon December 28, 2005
The nickname for a very close aunt.
Aunt Gooch knows why i need the gold-bond
#powder #scrotum #bag #dick #nut
by Dustin B. December 25, 2005
The area between the family jewels (ballsack) and the sphyncter (asshole)... mostly known for it's intense sensivity and the pain it causes when it is hit
"OWWW... I just cracked my gooch on your chair arm"

"would you please stop caressing my gooch!"

"my gooch smells like lool today" (see definitions for lool)

"I smell badger gooch"
#gooch #guch #grundle #grundel #chode
by Chris666 October 26, 2005
the area between your balls and arse crack
as george did a handstand, kim started scratching her gooch
by callum mckenzie August 11, 2005
the hairy piece of skin connecting your asshole to your balls also known as the wibbum round my ways
dude my cocks gone purple, last night some bitch kicked me in the gooch
by My name isn't important August 08, 2005
The Area Between The Anal Sphincter And The Male Genatalia
My gooch hair hurts;I singed it
by drew leathers June 25, 2005
The dull featureless area between ones anus and his testicles. The only purpose of which is to keep oneself from shitting on ones balls.
I laughed so hard I got ass butter on my gooch.
by Bushmonkey June 13, 2005
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