VERB: (Regional definition)
- To stick ones hand in the "gooch" region (male or female) of another individual, usually with the intent to cause discomfort to that individual and entertainment to onlookers.

- The act of doing the above
VERB: Right in the middle of his big solo, he was unexpectedly gooched, causing him to hit an unusually high note, while his castmates guffawed offstage.

NOUN: In front of the entire class, he gave her a most heinous gooch.
by Piph and Jules June 07, 2005
The patch of skin between your balls and butthole.
Prevent the cock block from showing the cock blocker your gooch.
by stomp dat shit June 06, 2005
the area in between your balls and your ass, very sensitive, good place to rub while playing the trombone
she rubbed my gooch, and i had an orgi, then i fucked her
by screwster May 11, 2005
1. The skin between the asshole and the nut sack
2. Pulling the skin called "the gooch"
When the wrestiling team was showering some guy came up behind me and gave me a gooch.
by MattyDaddy February 07, 2003
The penis. That etymology comes from a meat packing company named Gooch that marketed their german sausage as "Gooch Blue Ribbon"
"She wants the gooch." meaning she wants cock or "the blue ribbon sausage."
by MrRoadie May 30, 2009
Much debate. Not a taint. Men AND women have taints. Only men have gooches. Gooch = guy cooch. And it is the area between the balls and penis.
I have lint stuck in my gooch.
by AiiA April 22, 2009
2 meanings, first is - bit of skin in between ur bollocks and your ass hole.

second meaning is used at the spotting of a fine lady.
that girl in the bus stop is a fine bit of gooch.
by Joe & Ben March 25, 2007

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